1969 Les Paul Professional Recording

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Les Paul's favourite Les Paul. There were only a few of these made and while they never really took off. Les Paul considered these the best Les Paul guitars ever made and played one up until his death. This guitar is affectionately referred to as “Lester” in the shop.

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The rarest of Les Pauls. Fewer than 200 of these were made. The actual numbers are very difficult to find. Even Gibson doesn’t seem to have the exact number produced.

In 1969 Gibson introduced their first Low Impedance Guitars — the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Professional Guitars. The LP Professional has a Les Paul style body but slightly larger than the regular LP. The key feature of this guitar is its two low impedance pickups. These pickups give a very clear signal but require a special lead with built in impedance matching transformer. According to Dave Gould only around 118 LP Professionals were made – this is a relatively rare model. A Bigsby vibratio was an optional extra.

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Apparently only 2 were shipped in 1969 as they didn’t start production until the end of the year. This is one of them, the other was owned by Les Paul himself and was auctioned by his estate in 2012 fetching $30 000. This one is in great condition and comes with the original case.

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